Depart from Bierbeek

Bierbeek is rural municipality south-east of Leuven on the edge of Hageland, the Dijleland, Brabants Haspengouw and Meerdaalwoud. Bierbeek was founded in 1977 as a merger between the villages Bierbeek, Korbeek-Lo, Lovenjoel and Opvelp.

On the domain itself there is footpath 93, starting point of various nature walks in the area.

You can also create your own walking routes via the website of toerismevlaanderen.be. Go to the Sint-Hilarius Church in the center of Bierbeek and from there you can join the nearest walking route .

Nine beautiful walks have been developed on the territory by the municipality:

  1. The Schavaaipad (5 km of 7,5 km) at Bierbeek
  2. The Walterpad (9,5 km of 10,5 km) at Bierbeek (komt langs de Ruisbroekmolen)
  3. The Sint-Kamilliuswandeling (9 km) at Korbeek-Lo
  4. The Varenbergwandeling (7,8 km or 8,8 km) at Korbeek-Lo
  5. The Driebekwandeling (7,5 km, 8,5 km or 10 km) at Lovenjoel
  6. The Sint-Ermelindiswandeling (6,5 km) at Lovenjoel
  7. The Merbeekwandeling (6,5 km) at Lovenjoel
  8. The Hollewegentocht (5,5 km or 8,5 km) at Opvelp
  9. The Vullenboswandeling (8,5 km)

Walks nr 1, 3, 6 and 8 are signposted with metal hexagonal signs indicating the number and name of the walk. The other walks are signposted with orange poles indicating the number of the walk. 

In addition to the walks in Bierbeek you can also do very nice walks in the Meerdaalwoud. The Meerdaalwoud is one of the few places in Flanders that have always been forested since the last ice age. Together with the Heverlee forest, this forest domain is 2071 ha.

The green stop walk groene halte wandeling leaves in Bierbeek. If you want to plan a walk yourself, you can download a map of  Meerdaalwoud.
Drop and go

If you use the accommodation on the property, we drop you for free at one of the locations below from where you can walk back to the domain in Bierbeek. If you wish, we will put together a walking route with you. Depending on the preference, the distance of the walk is between 5 and 12 km, longer routes are also possible.

De Kluis
De Kluis in Sint-Joris-Weert is the old forestry house 'La Retraite' . It is surrounded by a variety of native and exotic trees.

2018-01-28 171031jpg

De Doode Bemde

De Doode Bemde is the biggest nature reserve in the Dijle valley, located on the territory of Oud-Heverlee, Sint-Joris-Weert, Neerijse and Korbeek-Dijle.


Zoet water ponds
The Zoet water ponds are lying between the forest of Heverlee and the forest of Meerdaal.


La Foresta

La Foresta at Blanden is an old Minderbroeder-Fransciskanen monestry situated at the edge of the forest of Heverlee. It is an ideal departure point for a walk in the surrounding area2018-01-02 144054jpg.

Just across the border of Flemish and French speaking Belgium you can find the nice place Hamme-Mille. In the picturesque Mille you can find the lovely Chapelle Saint-Corneille .


The Sint-Martinuskerk is one of the oldest churches of the Wallonie.


You can also choose another destination in Flemish or Walloon Brabant where we can drop you.